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Special - Krys Toff - Being Champion Again (2003)

Tampico: 3rd Position (Winner: Bonzai Joe)

Crici˙ma: 2nd Position (Winner: Bonzai Joe)
Trujillo: Winner
David: 2nd Position (Winner: Alan Rotoi)
Gonaives: Winner
Ushuaia: 3rd Position (Winner: Alan Rotoi)
Dam: 2nd Position (Winner: Alan Rotoi)
Taltal: 2nd Position (Winner: Bonzai Joe)
Riobamba: 2nd Position (Winner: Mingva)
Pasto: 3rd Position (Winner: CTG)
Krys Toff stops near of the crowd... Crowd!? Ops... This is an Indy's image... (but... no problems...)

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