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Lastest News (Jan-18th-2015) Contact: stuntslol@gmail.com This is a memory place. But the Stunts LOL is not completely dead! The Stunts LOL Classics are coming! This is the address: http://www.stunts.hu/lolclassics/

Enjoy it!


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None: It's over. Thanks to all racers of this three seasons...

Congratulations to the Champions of 2004:

Gutix, 192pts.
The Guns Of Brixton, 259pts.
N= Argentina, 198pts.

Anxi - Replays - Analisys

Taegu - Replays - Analisys

Miyazaki - Replays - Analisys

Kandahar - Replays - Analisys

Karbala - Replays - Analisys

Samsum - Replays - Analisys

Sukkur - Replays - Analisys

Calicut - Replays - Analisys

Haifa - Replays - Analisys

Dili - Replays - Analisys

You can download Stunts clicking here (From the Zak's Site).

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