A LabOnline (A)Foundation Event

Season of 2002

LOL-MS (click in the picture to download the track): LabOnline Motor Speedway: Very short and very easy track. My granny is able to complete it.


No Times


Boorcity (Click in the picture to download the track): This track route: Start Line ->Tarsila do Amaral St. -> Bridge Across the Boor River -> XV de Novembro St. -> 7 de Setembro St. Variant -> da Praia St. -> Another Bridge Across The Boor River -> Zumbi do Mato Preto Country Road -> Tom Jobim St. -> VinÝcius de Morais St. -> Carlos Drummond de Andrade St. -> Tarsila do Amaral St. -> Finish Line.  Boorcity haves 10,000 inhabitants.

No Times

Longway (click in the picture to download the track): A huge, long, enormous track... Good for insomniac nights...


No Times


Noisy (Click in the picture to download the track): Short Straight Roads and some jumps...
1 Alan Rotoi Argentina 1:46.95 1║.SR (+1)
Sideshow (Please click on the picture to download the track): "The best Stunts' Off-Road Track what I know" (Alan Rotoi)


No Times


Noseview (Click on picture to download the track): Please check your neck to race this.
1 Krys Toff France 3:36.95 1║.SR (+1)
2 Alain France 3:44.85 2║.SR (0)

Final Classification

Pos. Racer Nat. Points

Used Tie-Break Criteria

1 Krys Toff France 22 Later Inscription (Like 2003)
2 Alan Rotoi Argentina 22 Earlier Inscription (Like 2003)
3 Alain France 17
4 Dark Chaser Brazil 0 Later Inscription (Like 2003)
5 Boto Brazil 0 Earlier Inscription (Like 2003)

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